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About the Artist

Christina Bernadotte

Mixed Media Artist, Bachelor of Fine Arts

Christina Bernadotte

Artist Bio:

Born in Florida, Christina Bernadotte is a first-generation Haitian American multidisciplinary artist with works that come from a place of investigating both the real and imagined harmony of the universe. Nature expresses itself in geometric patterns and cycles that manifest in providing order. She uses a variety of dry to wet materials such as paints, graphite, pens, and color pencils to construct sculptures, assemblages, and collages based on her themes. Bernadotte’s creativity was born from the starkness of her early years, during which she developed an ability to see out imagined windows, transferring what she saw onto paper, communicating not with words but with colors and shapes. Her work still offers a glimpse through those windows and the views beyond. Bernadotte received her Associates Degree from Miami-Dade College in 2020 and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from New World School of the Arts in April 2022.

​Artist Statement:

Until the age of ten, I spoke very little and was painfully quiet. I felt more comfortable communicating through drawing, detailed drawing because, I had a lot to say. This prompted me to examine the universe's real and imagined harmony, as expressed in the geometric patterns and cycles seen in nature, humans, and animals. My recent works investigate the concept of sacred geometry, which refers to the geometric rules that generate everything in existence. Sacred geometry centers around balance as the foundation of all matter, and its principles govern how my work functions. Furthermore, I am curious about how it influences the universe's architecture and space. As humans, we are a component of that framework. The geometric principles are evolving into a functioning language that I may use to respond to the real and imagined harmony of the cosmos. I create assemblages, collages, and sculptures using a range of mixed media elements ranging from dry to wet such as paint, fabric, paper, and wood. Pattern and symbolism are two components of my work. Patterns are exhibited in everything and everywhere. To understand the world, I correlate my findings with patterns. The patterns become symbols of coded language, which aids me in navigating my experience with art marking. Recognizing recurrent occurrences, patterns, and shapes enables me to arrange and classify things in endless ways. By observing similarities and differences among groupings, living and non-living organisms are defined. Patterns are classified using growth patterns, distinctive designs, characteristics, and forms. My painting represents my progress and resembles a jigsaw to which I will continue to add parts. I want my life to imitate my art, rich in details and colors. I want to represent something not necessarily unfinished, but something to be discovered.

About Me


How I Got Here

This is my brand-new website named for my desire to explore real and imagined harmonies through my art. Please check out my work I encourage you to linger on the pieces that interest you. My work often consists of detailed patterns, encouraging the viewer to discover its layers by looking closely.

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